Ewa Ganyin

Beans are a staple in a Nigerian household.

I remember growing up, my mum would specifically ask for honey beans.  There are three main varieties of beans you can use to make the dish: honey beans (ewa oloyin), Nigerian brown beans and black eyed peas. My favourite is the honey beans because they are sweet and it just takes your dish to a whole new level.

Enjoy this yummy beans with sweet Agege bread and fried plantain


  1. 2 cups Beans - of honey beans (Ewa Oloyin)

  2. Stew - Habanero pepper(Ata rodo)

  3. 1ltr water

  4. 2medium sized onion

  5. salt to taste

  6. Onion

  7. Salt

  8. knorr cube

  9. palm oil

  10. blended crayfish

  11. dried fish


  1. Rinse the well picked beans, the pour in the pot of boiling water,slice in d onions and cover for some 15-20mins using a pressure pot

  2. When the beans is soft to ones taste, you add salt and stir together with spatula to enable the beans mash

  3. Depending on how much you want the thickness, the quantity of water u keep adding, You cover your pot and leave to boil for another 10-15mins and your beans is ready

  4. Moving on to the stew, place your pot on heat,allow to dry then pour in the oil and allow it to stay until it's bleached.

  5. Then pour in the roughly blended pepper and onions and allow it fry, Keep stirring it to ensure it doesn't burn, pour in your blended crayfish and dried fish and continue to stir.

  6. Your Ewa ganyin is ready.... it can be taken with bread, plantain, pap.... anything you so wish

If you really want to live your best life, accompanied with some fried plantain. 

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